Ford College Bonus at Berglund Ford

Whether you're enrolled in college and pursuing a degree or freshly graduated and entering the workforce, we would love to help you by doing what we do best here at Berglund Ford Salem. If you've been thinking about a new vehicle while you're on your academic journey, you can save big at our dealership by taking advantage of Ford's college bonus. Whether you're a student or alum from the University of Richmond, Roanoke College, Ferrum, or another accredited school, you might qualify for a unique opportunity just for aspiring scholars!

While higher education is a worthwhile endeavor, it can also be an expensive undertaking, with tuition, housing, and a host of other costs. With all of those expenses and limited time to earn savings, many students fear that a new car is out of reach. We know that doesn't have to be the case, and at Berglund Ford Salem, students and grads can shop with confidence thanks to hundreds in bonus cash toward their purchase.

How Does it Work?

To see if you qualify for the college bonus, see if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • College-bound seniors in high school, or recent high school graduates
  • College interns, trade apprentices, and medical student residents
  • Active college/trade school students
  • College graduates within three years of completion
  • Active grad school students

If any of these points fit your situation, you're invited to visit our dealership to claim your college bonus. You'll need to bring the right documentation to verify your status, whether it's proof of current enrollment, a copy of your transcript or diploma, or a registrar's office letter detailing your intended degree and graduation date. If you have any questions concerning what to bring, eligibility, or our vehicles, you can to learn more.

Save Big at Berglund Ford Salem

We would love to make this eventful time in your life even more exciting at . Come see us whenever you're ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and feel free to explore  online before your visit. Whether you've taken your first steps onto campus or you've accepted that first job after graduation, we want to help you on your journey with a new Ford.