Leasing Options

Lease Your Next Vehicle in SalemVA

If you need a , but you're working on a tighter budget, we have the perfect solution for you: leasing a new vehicle from . Leasing comes with many attractive benefits, the most popular of which is the money you can save from leasing rather than financing.

Every vehicle at Berglund Ford Salem is attractively priced, and you'll be delighted to see how much more you can save when you choose to lease and take advantage of low monthly payments. When you lease from Berglund Ford Salem, your dream car is more within reach than ever.

Leasing vs. Financing at Berglund Ford Salem

When you're shopping at Berglund Ford Salem, you'll get a great deal whether you lease or finance your new car, but choosing the right option for you can be easier once you know the key differences between leasing and buying.

First, differs from financing in that the payments you make each month don't add up towards you owning your vehicle free and clear. Instead, the monthly lease payments allow you to drive and use the vehicle during your lease agreement. Because you won't own the car at the end, you'll generally have lower monthly payments than you would if you were financing the car.

The second big difference is that when your lease is over, you'll have an easy-breezy trade-in process. You'll simply return your leased vehicle to us at Berglund Ford Salem, and we'll help you pick out your next incredible Ford to . You won't have to worry about a messy private sale or residual value - that's factored into the cost of your leasing payments.

Benefits of Leasing A Vehicle

In addition to knowing the differences between leasing and financing to help your decision, knowing the benefits of leasing will make the decision even easier. As you're weighing your options, we encourage you to consider the following lease benefits:

  • Your monthly payments will generally be much lower with a lease than with a traditional automotive loan.
  • Leases are shorter term than financing and owning the car, just a few years or so, meaning your commitment to the car is shorter, too.
  • Because leases are only a few years in length, you can get a new car every few years, allowing you to experience all of the new trends and advances the automotive industry has.
  • Your trade-in process will be smooth as can be. Just return your old leased vehicle to us at Berglund Ford Salem and pick out your new one!

Buy or Lease From Berglund Ford Salem

Whether you decide to finance or lease, you'll end up with an incredible Ford vehicle and an even better price at Berglund Ford Salem. We keep your in stock, just waiting for you to explore.

Even better, every vehicle on our lot is already priced well, so when you add on our extra savings, leasing deals, and financing options, you'll save even more at . Explore our inventory to find your next Ford vehicle today!